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We are a group dedicated to helping the virtual flight simulation enthusiast get started in the hobby. However, we also provide tips and tricks to the seasoned virtual aviator.

Virtual flight simulation is a realistic way for those who cannot afford, or choose not to, fly a physical airplane. Some people suffer from a paralyzing fear, and flight simulators can help overcome that. Other people choose not to spend the money purchasing, storing, and maintaining an aircraft, which can be an expensive endeavor. Flight simulators give these types of people a chance to fly without those limitations.

Flight simulators are to be taken as serious as if it were a real life flight, with people and property at stake. Do not make the assumption that, because this is all fake, this is a toy. Many commercial and professional pilots use these systems to train for real life situations. These professionals do not want people logging into the system and causing chaos by getting in the way of training missions.

We do encourage beginners to go through as many tutorials and learning courses as possible. This will help prepare you for the not-so-easy task of flying an airplane. There are many people in our community willing to help you if you just ask. The biggest problems we face are of those people who do not want to learn, but insist on making a mess of things. Please be courteous to your fellow human beings, and follow the rules. Aviation is a serious field.

Respect your fellow pilots, and you will have a great time flying with us.

As we make our descent, make sure your seat-belts are buckled, your tray tables are folded, and your seat-backs are all the way up.

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