Common Health Issues From Air Conditioning Overuse

The extreme weather conditions have made the air conditioning a paramount system in most homes. Other than relaxation created during extreme weather conditions, keeping an air conditioning unit running round the clock poses some significant health effects besides the high electrical bill it also brings along with it.

Common Health Issues From Air Conditioning OveruseActually, over exposure to the conditioning is harmful and hazardous to your health. Indoor discomfort can be attached to the particular illnesses especially with overuse. Some common diseases associated with the central air conditioning includes:

Indoor Air Pollution

Research has it that indoor air pollution has a far much greater effect compared to the counterpart outdoor air pollution. Poorly ventilated homes or those that happen to contain allergens can bring with it headaches, itchy eyes, nasal issues, difficulty in breathing or even dizziness. Pneumonia and Asthma attacks can also arise in extreme conditions. Persistent pollution leads to more gross and severe conditions.

Nasal passages and Dry Skin

Exposure to the central air conditioning for longer hours associated with drying of the skin. Adequate miniaturization of the surface aids in the reduction of itchy skin.

Respiratory illness and Colds

Alert from dry skin, the mucous membrane also tend to be dried out. This state further creates vulnerability to upper respiratory infections. Fatigue and a whole lot of other related infections can also occur.

Heat Intolerance

Long-term exposure to the air conditioning creates heat intolerance should one go outside the house. Exhaustion may also arise as a result of the outdoor heat. Persons spending lots of time in air-conditioned rooms tend to experience headaches, dizziness, heat stroke and even breathing difficulties.

Ear irritations and Worsened Allergies

Individuals suffering from allergies can have experience worsened symptoms due to constant running of the air conditions. Such environment is worse for people with poorly maintained symptoms. Mold circulation in the atmosphere leads to accumulation in the folds of the ears hence the drying out. The possibility of bleeding can also not be ruled out. For poorly maintained conditioners, the constant noise is also capable of causing hearing damages.

Common Causes

Uncleansed duct works and vents, dirty filters and overall poor maintenance are the possible causes of mold and the other contaminants responsible for the pollution and hence the hazards.

Safe Use of the Air Conditioning System

According to the manual provided by the manufacturer, the air filters units should be cleaned appropriately or replaced when need be. C.

Excellent ventilation is also a necessity to curb the menace of indoor pollution by the allowance of fresh air into the house. Opening the windows as well as turning off the conditioning system is suitable for maximum air circulation.

If nobody is at home and in the night, it’s advisable to put out the system as this helps in the reduction of flow of harmful particles, should they exist.

Constant exposure to the air conditioning system coupled with poor circulation is attached to a whole lot health hazards for both the adults and children, calling for professional maintenance to reduce as well as eliminate the possible health risks.